How do you fix a broken human?

The goal of the game is to repair a sad and crying human using non-human ways. It is an AR game for the Android platform. Look around for tools that you can use, then by tapping and dragging objects, solve mini puzzles.

We built this game called Love Yourself on the Global Game Jam 2020 within two days and fortunately won the First Penguin award.

Project Scope

Duration: 48 hours

Team Scale: 2 programmers, 1 artist and 1 sound designer

Role: Programmer

Platform: Android, ARCore, Unity


  • Set up ARCore environment for Android platform on Unity
  • Established game manager, character state machine and basic inventory system for gameplay implementation
  • Created interaction systems of the game including tapping and grabbing, using ray casting
  • Cooperated with artists and integrated art assets into the game world