Experienced in game programming, familiar with established game engines, and having basic knowledge on art, sound and game design, I can implement effective programming skills on game development. Seeking to leverage my skills at a game company.

Maya Skinning Weight Spline

Spline Interface for Intuitive Skinning Weight Editing

A Maya plug-in prototype of a spline interface for intuitive skinning weight editing.

Mo-Cap Motion Editing IK

Technical Animation Projects

A semester-long course on technical animation and simulation. I learned a lot about cloth simulation, motion capture, IK, etc.

Back-end Firebase Web App

Liftoff PGH 2020

An engaging and interactive WebApp to enhance a healthcare conference.

Global Game Jam AR Android Unity

Love Yourself

Global Game Jam, in 48 hours, we built an Android AR game and won the First Penguin award.

Unity Game

Building Virtual Worlds

Creative, collaborative, immersive, effective.

Sound Design Game

BVW Sound Tracks

Learning something new is never waste of time.

Unity Game Mobile

Eno's Umbrella

An umbrella, a princess, a new adventure.

Three.js Web Game


An overall 3D game world with 2D displays at certain angles.



A card style to-do list with an iOS 12 notification style.

Hello, my name is Rongjia Li. I'm currently working as a Student Associate Software Engineer at Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp, a world leader in live experiences with a portfolio of iconic venues and entertainment brands.